1st Faculty of Medicine Charles University 1st Faculty of Medicine Charles University Department of Phoniatrics

Educational programme of Audiology and Phoniatrics in the Czech Republic

Educational programme of Audiology and Phoniatrics in the Czech Republic


Minimal qualifications for specialisation:

-         72 months ENT (but we would prefer “only” 36 months as earlier)

-         additional 24 months on site working experience in phoniatrics (under supervision of tutor at a fully equipped professional  facility)

-         1 month neurology incl. paediatric-neurology

-         1 month clinical logopedics

-         2 weeks psychiatry incl. paediatric psychiatry

-         6 weeks practice in the Phoniatric Dept. in Prague (in-patient and out-patient departments)



-         2 weeks of plastic surgery

-         2 weeks of orthodontia


Logbook (60 different procedures, performed between 10 to 150 times)

-         Voice: videolaryngostroboscopy, videokymography, pneumography, voice-range-profile, laryngeal electromyography, voice-analysis evaluation, voice-therapy (reeducation) after partial or total laryngectomy, pharyngeal voice, functional voice disorders treatment, phonosurgery (theoretical)

-         Speech-language: articulation evaluation, examination and rehabilitation of aphasias, dysarthrias, cleft palate, fluency disorders; evaluation of speech-language development (semantics, syntax, phonology and phonetics) in children

-         Hearing: examination of hearing in childhood, ERA, CERA, SSEP, OAE, pure tone audiometry,  speech audiometry, central auditory tests, supra-threshold tests, vestibular exam., indication and fitting of hearing aids for babies, toddlers, school-age children, hearing aids operations, preparing of earmoulds, real-ear-measurement, follow up after HA prescription, bone-conducted hearing aids (BAHA), lip-reading tests, cochlear implantation indication and rehabilitation

-         Deglutition: examination, rehabilitation, videofluorography,


Examination for specialisation /fellowship examination//:

            Pre-examinational test: Hearing aids and audiology

            Independent study publication

            Practical examination

            3 theoretical tasks (voice, hearing, speech)